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Now is your time to shine!

Now is your time to come out of the shadows and into the limelight. For the number of hours of your life you spend doing it, work needs to be a place where you feel valued, empowered and equipped.

Leadership is the art of developing confidence and the science of enhancing your skills so that you are ready and able to face any situation, presentation, conflict , challenge or change that comes your way – not just at work, but in your personal life too.

The 5 Card Shuffle

Your ability to confidently lead yourself and your team reflects on the bottom line of the business and will set the stage for your future promotion or ability to transfer to another leadership role in another organisation.

Knowing and developing your leadership style and capitalising on how it leverages the best from your team is key to having a fulfilling and successful career.

In the ‘5 Card Shuffle’, you learn if you are a :

-Club Leader

-Spade Leader

-Heart Leader

-Diamond Leader

– or the ultimate, Queen of Diamonds.

By working towards and becoming a Queen of Diamonds you lend yourself to being the best in your field and earning the respect of your managers, team and peers so that your excellence and values-based leadership makes you the leader of a successful team and/or project, every time.

In the ‘5 Card Shuffle’ you develop your Leadership Flow in the following areas in a way that ‘sets you apart from pack’.