About Us

We are the Chilcote Family
Ben, Nicole, EL (Lauren), EB (Benjamin), EC (Christopher), and CJ (Esther)*.

We are at home together. And when we’re together, we’re at home.

In March of 2015, Ben switched careers and landed a new job working from home. Since we’ve always been a homeschooling family, this put the entire family at home together full-time.

In September of 2015, we took advantage of our location independence and embarked on an incredible  3 1/2 week, 6,665 mile road trip. This removed us from our normal life and gave us a taste of something different.

IMG_5139Arriving home, we found our old life waiting for us – appointments, clutter, schedules, messes, arguing, excess, toys – most of which we had not missed on our trip. We found ourselves desiring something more like what we found on our trip – simplicity and togetherness. This gave us the motivation to stop complaining about being too busy and having too much stuff, and actually do something about it.

The epic road trip we took affirmed that adventure doesn’t have to happen during the breaks of your life. It can be your life. It also affirmed that it’s experiences with people you love, and not stuff, that bring fulfillment. We learned that it was more than just being at home together. But home was about being together – no matter where in the world we are.

This site was created to document our efforts to simplify our life and intentionally fill it with the things that are important to us – faith, family, travel, simplicity and whatever we have yet to discover.

Grand Canyon, September 2015
*To protect the guilty privacy of our children, we do not use their actual names. They will be referred to by abbreviations or pseudonyms (depending on when the post was published)