When you are too busy to write a blog about being too busy

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As it turns out, there is an inherent problem with starting a blog about being too busy to write a blog.  I have not written a post in a few months.

Have you ever felt like you were pushing a boulder up a hill? You make a bit of progress and when you stop to take a rest, propping your back against the boulder to catch your breath and rest your arms, you are not really resting. You are still holding the boulder up.  And you are praying you won’t loose your grip, get squashed by the boulder as it plows you over, and have to start all over again at the bottom of the hill.

Over the past 6 months it feels like we have been trying to push about 7 boulders up a hill. Not easy. We have been working to declutter our home, re-order our finances, repair and maintain our house to possibly put on the market, build a side business, improve our family routines, disciple the kids, excersize (well, not really) and do as many fun things as possible. (No wonder I haven’t written on this site for a while!) Narrowing your focus and establishing your priorities is tough when everything you are working on feels like an urgent priority.

Like, I only have so much time to listen to podcasts and read books.  So which topics do I pursue? Parenting? Theology/Faith? Business? Travel? Minimalism? Personal Finances? (all topics for real podcasts and books I have in the queue)

Growing Discontentment

The good thing is, while this does add to our growing discontentment with where we are, it also adds to our motivation for change.  We discuss this discontentment in some way, shape, or form on a daily basis. What to do in the fall?  Kids activities?  Family Mission Trip? Month stay in another town? Sell our house and upgrade? Rent our house and pay off debt?  No matter which way we turn for a possible solution, we are faced with something that feels monumentally impossible. At the same time, the thought of trudging through another school-year cycle on the same path seems somewhat undesirable.

What I’m afraid of is something I head back in my full-time ministry days:

The only way to make radical change is to make radical change

I fear that so far we have only been willing to make changes that are comfortable and safe. But what if the only way involves some bigger risk or sacrifice?

A new prayer to guide our way

Nicole and I have began praying a prayer on a daily basis – joining together in agreement in order to align ourselves with a divine plan and avoid having to make large decisions ourselves. This prayer was inspired by something a friend of mine said in a conversation and contains 4 basic components:

  1. Simple life
  2. Meaningful Ministry
  3. Disciple our children
  4. Travel

This is what we are asking God for.  Four things.  Really, three things with an “and if You have time…”  fourth thing.  This prayer is intentionally vague which allows God to be creative in how He might answer the prayer. I realize I take the risk of appearing to treat God as a magic genie. However, we believe this prayer capture the desires we feel God has placed in our hearts for our family. It’s almost as if God has told us – “Hey..  this is what I want you to ask me for, mmkay?”

As we’ve seen in the past, and as we’ve heard others describe – God will likely provide the means to fulfill these desires in a way we would never have imagined.

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