FBA – How we make extra cash selling on Amazon

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Back in late 2008, I was introduced to internet business and I started learning about various ways how people make money online. I soon began building my own websites and experimented with internet marketing and small online business ideas. Years later, in early 2014, I heard about Amazon’s FBA program and the success ordinary people were having with it. Nicole and I decided to give it a shot so we signed up for an online course to learn from some experts how to do it. This was the start to our FBA “business”.

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. It is a program where 3rd party sellers (like us) send inventory in to Amazon’s warehouses for Amazon to sell. Amazon handles all the fulfillment and customer support. After Amazon takes their commission and various fees, they pay the sellers the rest of the money from the sale. It’s a great program with a low barrier of entry. Some people pursue it as a hobby that brings in some extra income. And some have created multi-million dollar businesses with it.

The way our family does FBA

We figured it would be much easier to show you rather than just tell you what this entails. The following video gives a basic overview of our FBA process. FBA sellers come in all shapes and sizes, and have many, varied sources of inventory, and many selling strategies. This is what we do.

Here’s the basic process: – We purchase stuff to sell that will be profitable and sell within a certain time frame. We take it home, processes it, box it up, and mail it to Amazon’s warehouses.  From there, we watch our inventory and adjust prices as needed in order to sell our stuff. Amazon takes their fees and pays us the rest.

Why we love it

There are so many reasons we love doing FBA. Nicole and I get to do this together and now that we’ve done it a while, we have worked out a pretty good system. She has her jobs and I have mine. We get to go shopping. We have been able to purchase things for our family using various rewards programs. And, of course, we get a bit of extra money.

It’s the perfect side job for a family at home. The kids can contribute as their abilities allow, we can do it at our own pace, and can set the scope of the “business”.

We highly recommend Amazon Boot Camp, a course taught by a family that does FBA full time. This online course taught us everything we needed to know to get started.  If you are interested in getting started, check out the program here.  (affiliate link)

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