Day 23 – Oklahoma to Missouri

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  • Woke up, packed up, ate up, and drove out
  • Drove a few hours to Mansfield Missouri to Rocky Ridge Farm – final home of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Took a tour of the home, preserved as it was since the 1950s. (no photos were allowed)
  • Drove a mile away to the home Rose Wilder had built for her parents
  • Drove back to the original home to spend some time in the museum and gift shop
  • Drove to the Mansfield Cemetery to visit the grave site of Almanzo and Laura
  • Headed out to Saint Louis
  • Ate Chipotle to go?
  • Finally arrived at our Residence Inn – it was late and raining
  • We checked in and found our deluxe 2 story accommodations – going out in style for our final night
  • After settling in a bit, we decided to make a quick trip out to Target
  • Came back and ate the free dinner at the hotel
  • Headed back to the room for a bit then set out to find ice cream
  • Came back and watched a movie until we all fell asleep



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