Day 22 – Texas to Oklahoma

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Amarillo to Tulsa

We had no plans in Oklahoma except to drive across it.

  • Woke up in Texas, ate, swam, loaded up and headed out
  • Drove across the rest of Texas into Oklahoma (there was no sign on the road welcoming us to Oklahoma – c’mon Oklahoma, have some hospitality!)
  • Stopped at McDonalds to eat lunch and let the kids play
  • Dad and Mom discussed bit what this trip has meant for us and how we are going to be sad it’s over
  • Made it to our hotel at a decent time (before dinner. Before it was dark – woo hoo!)
  • While we were checking in, the lady looked at our family and made sure she knew we had a king suite reserved. She upgraded us to a 2 bedroom suite for free!
  • Then on our way out to go to Target and grab dinner, we noticed they had Qdoba on the sign for the evening food
  • Went to target, came back and ate free dinner
  • Went swimming (dad swam this time!)
  • Headed back to our deluxe room and had a rough night getting everyone settled and in bed
  • Booked our final hotel in St. Louis





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