Day 19 – Las Vegas

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California to Las Vegas

  • Usual routine – wake up, eat breakfast, pack up, head out
  • After a while we started to realize that we were driving through the Mohave desert
  • The land grew more desert-like and somewhat mountainous
  • Stopped at a rest area and marveled at the 94 degree heat
  • Finally made it to the big city in the middle of the desert
  • Found our hotel and unloaded – kids were excited to be on the 6th floor
  • Grabbed a map from the lobby, made a few notes of what to go look at and headed out
  • Found a parking lot to park in, but after seeing signs that indicated we may be towed, Ben ran back and relocated the van while everyone else walked toward the strip
  • About 25 minutes later, we met back up and started walking
  • We went in and out of a few hotels and started having a few realizations
  • It was Friday night – probably not the best night for Vegas with everyone coming in for the weekend
  • We had not planned ahead sufficiently – having vague ideas where to go and “winging it” wasn’t working
  • After seeing some cool casinos and very few families with strollers, we decided we’d head back to the van, try to find dinner, and head to the hotel for swim time and hotel time
  • We got to the van and EL reaaallllly wanted to go to the 4 story M&M store so Dad pulled up in the bus stop lane and dropped Mom and EL off
  • After circling the block a few times, they were ready to go. They hopped back in the car quickly – convincing some desperate young man that we did not have room in our family filled minivan to give him a ride (did he NOT see the car topper?)
  • Everyone was tired and hot (did I mention it was 104 degrees when we first set out on foot?)
  • We ate at Chipotle next to our hotel, headed back over, let the kids swim as long as they wanted, then headed back to the room for a movie (which put most of us to sleep)
  • Overall, everyone enjoyed the short visit to the Vegas Strip. Yes, we saw some interesting characters. Yes, we strategically steered kids away from inappropriate things, and distracted them at strategic moments. We managed to survive!





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