Day 17 – Arrival in California

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Oregon to California via the Avenue of the Giants

The plan for this location was to get as close to San Francisco as possible – in order to spend the entire day there.

  • Woke up in Bandon Oregon, ate breakfast, went swimming while dad packed up the van
  • Walked across the street to the hotel’s private beach entrance and played at the beach one more time – again it was beautiful! The beach landscape was different than the day before
  • Went back to hotel room to clean up sandy/wet kids (CJ)
  • Checked out and hit the road!
  • Stopped in Crescent City for lunch – picked up Little Ceasar’s Hot & Ready and brought to cool park I found on Google Maps
  • Played and left again – wished we had more time to stop and let the kids pay
  • Drove another few hours, crossed into California, and arrived at the “Avenue of the Giants” where we pulled off the interstate onto the historic highway and even more historic forest
  • We drove the entire 30 or so miles of the designated scenic drive and it was quite amazing!
  • Partway through, we did make a brief stop at the visitor center where we looked at a few exhibits and explored the forest on foot for a bit
  • EB climbed all over, we all marveled and EB started thinking about Bigfoot (one of his many diverse interests) and started second guessing whether or not we should stick around too much longer
  • Redwoods: just REALLY big. Hard to describe. You just have to see them with your own eyes.
  • We snapped a few picks and took off for the final drive of the day – another long one.
  • Ate dinner at a subway in some eerie town – stopped at the grocery to go to the bathroom
  • Arrived at Fairfield Inn
  • Got creeped out by the warning labels by the door warning us of toxic chemicals in the area that are known to cause cancer (What?!  The front desk guy didn’t know much about it but assured us we were fine…    Really?)
  • Got kids ready and went to find pool that was on the building layout we were given at check-in.
  • We were surprised to find the pool was outside. Kids swam for a few minutes anyway, though it was a bit chilly outside
  • Came back and watched a short movie
  • Did some research on San Francisco, paid for our Golden Gate Bridge pass online, then went to bed


A few videos!


Swimming in the morning before heading out


Walking out to the beach


Playing at the beach


Playing at the park during our lunch break


Driving down the Avenue of the Giants

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