Day 16 – 60 Toes in the Pacific

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Seattle to southern Oregon

This was one of our favorite days! Look at the pictures and you will see why.

  • Woke up REALLY early – we had a BIG day of driving today with a few stops
  • Packed van
  • Left about 8:15 and drove to Doxa Church to pick up bag we forgot – took forever in traffic
  • After we finally arrived at the church when they said the office was open, nobody was around and the church was locked – just as we were about to leave, someone showed up, thankfully!
  • Dad filled up tires with air and we hit the road – finally leaving Seattle about 9:30
  • Headed south – stopped at Walmart for supplies
  • Ate PB&J in the car for lunch (snack?)
  • Arrived at Astoria and navigated to the Goonie House (Goonies is a childhood favorite of Dad and the other (older) Chilcote kids)
  • Dad and EL got out and took pictures of the Goonie house signs because the owners no longer allow visitors put he private drive
  • Got back in the car and drove with the windows down to hear the seals barking near the water
  • Stopped for gas and found out that all gas stations in Oregon (according to the attendant) are full-service. Would really prefer to pump my own gas.
  • Hit the road again and headed to Ecola State Park where we saw the bluffs, Haystack Rock (and another shooting location for the Goonies)
  • Then drove to the beach and spent about an hour on the beach (This was one of the top highlights of our entire trip! It was awesome! We loved it!)
  • After the beach, the kids were a mess and some had to change clothes in the parking lot
  • CJ wiped out on a sidewalk while chasing EC
  • Got loaded back up and drove a long time more – seeing awesome views along the Oregon coast on route 101 – also saw many bikers and hitchhikers
  • Stopped for dinner at Taco Bell / McDonalds as the sun was starting to go down

Drove more. And more and longer – down the winding, 2-lane 101 in the dark and finally arrived in Bandon, Oregon around 10:30. It was a pretty nice Best Western.











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