Day 14 – Sunday in Seattle – The Big Event!

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This was the day of the main event – the whole reason we came to Seattle. Chris and Amy were celebrating their wedding with family and friends. They had already been married by the J.O.P., then had a destination wedding in Paris. The reception was at the Pink Door, where Chris is General Manager and Amy is a server. It was high class and a great night with wonderful food served by the restaurant, live music, dancing and a lot of celebration!

Here are the main happenings of the day

  • Got up, hung out at home
  • Drove to Doxa Church for church where Ben got to meet the pastor, Jeff Vanderstelt (a preacher/teacher he has followed for years)
  • Picked up Wendy’s again for the kids while Mom and Dad ate leftovers for lunch
  • Got back home and Ben ran a few errands for Chris to get ready for the big party
  • Got back late and rushed to get ready for the reception
  • Arrived to the hotel for pictures and got to see Chris and Amy’s fancy room
  • Walked down the street to the Pink Door for the party
  • Were at the party from 5pm -10:45
  • Ate, danced, watched a band, had fun! It was a GREAT celebration!
  • The kids were put in a separate room where they had someone keeping them semi-entertained but they also had freedom to come to where we were time to time
  • At the end of the night, we headed out, dropped Grandma and Wilber (Chris and Amy’s dog) off at Chris’s
  • Went to bed!!





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