Day 10 – Long day in Seattle

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  • Woke up and had a slow morning
  • Dad worked a bit, Mom cleaned the van out, kids watched TV
  • Headed to Seward Park where we played on the playground, took a big walk/hike and played along the shore of Lake Washington
  • Went for pizza for lunch in Columbia City, a few blocks from our place
  • Went to Chinatown for EB to find a souvenir – he picked a Chines calligraphy set
  • Spent a few hours at Costco to get supplies for Friday’s cookout
  • Went back to Uncle Chris & Aunt Amy’s for a bit
  • Went rock climbing at Seattle Boulder Project. Spent 25 minutes filling out waiver forms
  • The kids loved it and we were all impressed by their climbing and how long they lasted
  • Got food at the grocery for the house, did a drive-through for a late dinner and got home about 9:45
  • Watched a movie
  • Went to bed exhausted!


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