Day 9 – We made it!

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Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.08.26 PMAbove is our route, more or less, for the first leg of the trip. It’s pretty crazy to think we drove this whole way (wait till you see the way back!). 8 overnights. 10 states. 49 bathroom breaks. And we only ate at McDonald’s one time.

Here are the events from this day:

  • Woke up, ate a big breakfast
  • Packed up and headed out, happy for the relatively short 4 1/2 hour drive
  • Was surprised by Washington’s flat baren landscape down I-90 – wow, what a wasteland
  • Finally started seeing the BIG mountains
  • Drove through the BIG mountains
  • Reached Seattle and made our way to Uncle Chris and Aunt Amy’s house just 15 minutes south of downtown
  • Pulled in for a final mileage of…  2824.5!
  • Visited a bit and got the grand tour of the house.
  • Headed to our home for the week – an Airbnb house only a few minutes away
  • Unloaded all the stuff. Lots of stuff.
  • Headed downtown for some sight seeing
  • Went to Pike’s Place Market, walked around, saw the original Starbucks
  • Went down down to the water, did some souvineer shopping
  • Rode the big ferris wheel
  • Headed back to Columbia City (our temporary neighborhood) for a local Mexican dinner
  • Went back to the house to crash
  • Happy to be in Seattle!! What a trip so far!

A few videos

Driving through the mountains while listening to Little House

Arriving to our destination!

Riding in the giant ferris wheel

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