Day 7 – Yellowstone National Park

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Day 7 Travel

  • Got up early, packed, ate the last of our breakfast type food and left Greybull, Wyoming.
  • Drove through Cody
  • Drove through beautiful mountains and finally reached the East Entrance to Yellowstone.
  • After a few minutes winding through forest recovering from forest fire, we came upon a group of people looking at something far off in a field. We pulled over and found out it was a grizzly bear laying down.
  • We moved on and decided to go first to the Fishing Bridge.
  • Stopped first in a visitor center to get out for a stretch and then headed down to the fishing bridge where we saw 4 fish.
  • A dog tried to bite EB’s stuffed white owl he was carrying thinking it was real.
  • We then headed north to the Hayden Valley and saw herds of bison and then turned around to head back south.
  • We then stopped at Sulpher Caldron and Mud Volcano – Mud and water bubbling out of holes in the ground. The air smelled of rotten eggs from the sulphur.
  • We then headed straight to Old Faithful – a 30-40 minute drive which took us a good way around Yellowstone Lake.
  • We arrived at Old Faithful, grabbed lunch at Old Faithful Lodge and finished up about 20 minutes before Old Faithful erupted.
  • After watching Old Faithful errupt, we walked through the Upper Geyser Basin – a wooden walkway that went past dozens of other named geysers, which EC loved.
  • We then headed to Old Faithful lodge to look at the impressive lobby and get some ice cream.
  • From there we stopped a the visitor center gift shop, then another nearby giftshop for souvenirs.
  • We then decided Old Faithful was going to be our last stop for the day and we’d better head out.
  • We started the long drive to the north entrance of Yellowstone.
  • We were delayed first by construction. As we waited our turn to go on a one-lane pass, we watched a single Bison slowly make his way down the road alongside the cars.
  • We finally got to take our turn driving, passed the single bison, and were then stopped again by 2 bison walking down the middle of the road.
  • They finally made their way off the road and we headed out of the park, making one final bathroom break – also seeing 2 moose along the way.
  • The final few miles were twisty turns out through a canyon.
  • We finally made it out of the park into Gardiner, Montana where we stayed the night.
  • We checked in, ordered way too much pizza from a local place next door and fell asleep watching a movie.

Yellowstone was great! It was a lot of driving in between sites, but the scenery (and elevation) was constantly changing. Mountains, fields, lakes, rivers, steam coming from the ground, bison, forests – Yellowstone had it all! We originally had planned to come back the next day but with each stop requiring a drive, unloading 4 kids, walking and reloading 4 kids, we had seen enough for our trip and would get a head start to Spokane the next day.

Much Bison Videos, Old Faithful Uncut, and a few other things










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