Day 5 – Black Hills, South Dakota

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The day begins at the Ingalls Homestead in De Smet, South Dakota

  • The night was COLD and there was NO heat in our bunk house so the sleep was not great
  • Woke up to a brisk South Dakota sunrise and it was beautiful
  • After washing up a bit and packing up, we hit the road early
  • First unplanned pit stop – the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Basically a nice community gym/auditorium with murals made with all corn cobs
  • We continued to drive and spotted our first change in the landscape (the edge of the Badlands) as we approached the famous Wall Drug.
  • Wall Drug was interesting, expensive for lunch, very touristy and crowded, but unique. For example, Ben picked up a 5¢ cup of coffee on the way out
  • After another long drive, part of whitch was into the Black Hills, we finally arrived at Mount Rushmore
  • We were all astonished by the monument and its surroundings
  • We walked the Presidential Trail which looped around near the base of the monument, enjoying various angles of Mt. Rushmore
  • We thought we’d reward the kids with some ice cream. At $4 a pop, we made a stressful stop at the gift shop instead before heading out
  • We then decided we’d better find our way to our campground then figure out dinner
  • We checked in at the Horse Thief Campground and were pleasantly surprised by our cabin. Smaller than the night before, but cleaner, nicer, and it had heat
  • We unpacked what we needed, made our beds, then set out to find dinner
  • We headed up to the nearest town that had a lot of restaurant options and parked the van. The main strip was hopping on a Friday night
  • We stepped into a restaurant, sat down, took someone to the bathroom, and looked at the menus. Then decided to leave
  • We headed down the strip slowly becoming discouraged and losing daylight when we finally found the Route 66 Diner. This fit the bill and we ordered, ate, and left – but not before EB wiped out on the gravel trying to do a jumping trick
  • We drove back in the dark, happy we had our room set up and waiting, then enjoyed a movie on the laptop before going to bed.
  • The advertised internet wasn’t really working and there was no cell phone signal, so we were really roughing it! But the cabin was cozy and sufficient


1 comments on “Day 5 – Black Hills, South Dakota”

  1. That Corn Palace is DELUXE! Not how I imagined it to be, but I suppose the word “Palace” is in the title so I don’t know why I would have expected less.


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