Day 3 – Chicago to Rochester

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Today we left Chicago and ended in Rochester to stay with Sarah (Ben’s sister) and Bobby.

  • Woke up and enjoyed a (too) leisurely morning – leaving much later then we should have
  • Stopped at Walmart after a bit to pick up supplies
  • Drove down the highway
  • Kids managed to watch 2 movies in a row due to Mom & Dad’s poor willpower
  • Ate lunch just across the border in Wisconsin at a park Ben found on Google Maps – we couldn’t stay long due to our schedule but were glad to leave because of to the feeling some locals on the porch down the street were suspicious of a minivan with a car topper stopping at their park.
  • Made a pit stop at Fast Company – a company who manufactures fiberglass figures (animals, statues, etc) and has a “graveyard” on their backlot that is open for visitors to explore (you have to see the pictures to understand). Thanks for the tip on this gem!
  • Crossed over the Mississippi but wasn’t sure which of the several sections of water was the actual river (it makes more sense when you see a map of La Crosse, WI)
  • Drove a bit more and finally made it to Rochester just in time for dinner
  • Had a nice dinner with Bobby and Sarah then spent the rest of the daylight hours at a local park.
  • We ended the evening with the kids watching Frozen while the adults visited and discussed the next day’s early departure

Bonus Videos!

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