Day 1 – Chicago

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Our departure was set for 7am, with the expectation that it’d be 7:30 or 8. Everything wouldn’t fit in the van the way we hoped but we were able to work it out without leaving too much behind. We departed around 8:45, ran a few local errands and were finally on the road! The 23 day road trip had begun.

Here are bullet points from the day in chronological order.

  • Travel went well – giving us hope for the dozen 5-6 hour trips we have ahead of us.
  • Ate at Chipotle for lunch on the north side of Indianapolis and discussed heading first to the Children’s Museum instead of the beach
  • I did my best to measure the height of the van with the car topper and felt pretty confident it would fit in the Navy Pier garage.  (it did)
  • Arrived at the Navy Pier and found out we didn’t actually qualify for the reciprocity program. We were all (especially the kids) very disappointed. Tickets were too expensive without the discount
  • Hung out at the Navy Pier, walked to the end, pointed out where Dad proposed to Mom, took a few pics.
  • Next, we headed to the beach and were lucky to find a parking spot in their small lot.
  • Changed the kids in the slimy-floored bathroom stalls. If there were changing rooms, we couldn’t find them.
  • Enjoyed the beach for about 90 minutes and then headed back to the slimy bathrooms to put sweaty clothes on sticky, sand-covered kids.
  •  Headed to Ed Debevics, where they are rude to you on purpose.
  • We usually try to make a stop here. We waited awhile for our food and the air conditioning wasn’t working well.  So while the restaurant still had great entertainment value, and the kids loved it, the high price tag and other factors have us considering taking this off the “must-do” list for Chicago.
  • After dinner, we drove abut 20 minutes to a strange neighborhood, found a strange house in the dark, and walking in to a dark house for our inaugural Airbnb stay. It was a nice place and, yeah, it was in a safe neighborhood!


1 comments on “Day 1 – Chicago”

  1. You fit it all–and didn’t have to leave a kiddo “home alone”! Way to go! Keep posting your adventures. I can’t wait to see more! Love you guys!


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