Final family of 4 trip

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This past weekend we took a final trip with just the 4 of us before the baby comes.  With season passes to the Zoo we headed to Columbus on Friday.  We spent half the chilly day at the zoo, which wasn’t very crowded at all.  The animals were a mix of no-shows and good shows.  I think some of the animals preferred the colder weather and were more out and about.

We left the zoo and got some dinner.  After driving through to get the kids strawberry sundae’s we checked in to our hotel and spent the evening hanging out in the room.  In the morning we slept in (’till 8, I think) and headed down for the continental breakfast.  Then we came back to the room where the kids enjoyed watching Saturday morning (parent approved) cable.  A huge treat for them!

On the way home we decided to return the way we came – taking Route 42 instead of boring I-70.  42 veers off 70, heading south-west toward London (where my sister was born) and ends up in Xenia.  On the way home Nicole and I worked on narrowing down our baby names.  We’re down to 4 boy names and 5 girl names – all beginning with E (No easy task!)

On the way home we took did an impromptu stop at the Indian Mound Reserve near Xenia.  After seeing the Cedar Cliff Falls we took the half mile hike to the Indian Mound. Unfortunately, Mom had to stop when the going got rough.  The kids and I headed up the rest of the way and saw the giant mound.  Pretty impressive!

We got back just in time to unpack the van, do some work around the house and head out to a Halloween party at our friends.  All in all we had a great, low-stress final family trip – all the while imagining a little one in tow!

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